Backyard Progress

Backyard Update - March 2022

Now that winter is behind us we can begin building and improving our wonderful backyard once again!

Happening at the same time... we received 100 cubic yards of new, fluffy mulch!



We started construction on our newest piece!  Our new loft area will give children a grand view of their backyard and a birds eye view of Creekwood Nature Preserve behind our school.  


Backyard Update - October 2021

Finally, it’s time for our NEW wooden fence!

During our discovery period of meeting with our surveyors, engineers and playground architects we discovered that we own MORE property than we thought we did!  So our new fence will follow our true property line.

Working closely with the fine folks of our Bear Branch Trail Association and Paul Wright of AZ Wright Tree Service we identified the strong trees we wanted to keep and the invasive trees and unhealthy trees that needed to leave.  We have even wiggled our property line around trees to make sure we kept as much as possible. 


What's Next? 

The far northwest corner, where we found the most, new backyard space, is where we will start first.  This was our Wetlands Area.  We named it so because of how much flood water that corner took on but no more!  This will be our New Nature Play Area.

Keep an eye on this area as we continue our re-imagination of our backyard.  

Backyard Update - Aug 2021

Although our summer was very hot and wet, we were able to progress in the backyard. Here are a few things that were accomplished:


What's Next? 


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These are a few aspirational drawings for what we hope to accomplish in the backyard:



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