Applying to Pines

Application Process

It is essential for a family to tour the school and make an observation of the classroom community in which you are applying. To schedule a tour, call the Pines Montessori School Front Office at 281-358-8933 or click the Contact Us button on the left of this page.

After the tour, an application, with the non-refundable application fee, will be accepted, recorded and kept for consideration for when a vacancy arises.


Applications may be submitted at any time.

Students are placed in classroom communities based on many factors including when a vacancy becomes available, a balance in the age, gender and personalities of the students and overall make up of the classroom.


Upon determination that there is a vacancy, the classroom teacher will call to schedule an applicant meeting. Most of these meetings are conducted after the school day.


After the meeting, teachers may comment in general about how it went but will not comment on a child’s acceptance to the school.

A letter of acceptance or declination will be sent from the Head of School within one week. If your child’s enrollment is accepted you are asked to reply to the offer of enrollment and secure your child’s placement with a deposit.

You are welcome to contact the school to inquire if it is appropriate to apply at another time if your child’s enrollment is not accepted.

Use our contact us link or you may telephone our office at 281-358-8933 for further information.






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