What Is Montessori?

As an associate of the American Montessori Society and members of the International Montessori Council, Pines Montessori School seeks to foster competent, responsible, adaptive citizens who are life-long learners and problem solvers.
We are committed to promoting quality Montessori education based on these key concepts:
At all levels, our programs have these basic characteristics:
The Montessori community is noticeably different from classrooms in conventional schools. Children in a Montessori community learn to make choices about their school work. Choosing challenging work or activities from a variety of areas is an important life lesson. Each room is filled with permanent materials arranged in sequence from the simple to the complex. The materials are attractive to a child and invite exploration; each is designed to be self-correcting while teaching the child mastery of a single concept. Materials at the elementary level reflect the more abstract concepts and advanced requirements expected of more mature students.
During the experience of education, children also learn how to move ahead, how to interact, and how to get along. Children are directed toward the understanding that their role in this world is one of cooperation. This leads to an integration of the self with others and with the world.
Our environment at Pines Montessori School is prepared for the child’s exploration and the teacher responds to the child’s interests and needs as she moves to higher levels of learning. The child responds to the order within the classroom and to the lack of restraints on academic pursuits. The child’s desire to learn is encouraged by his freedom of movement as he makes choices among all the materials and lessons with well-trained Montessori teachers guiding him along the way. At all levels the child experiences learning as a limitless opportunity.
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