Infant Connections

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Pines hosts a free Infant and Parent Play & Learn group once a month at 5:00 PM.  These playgroups are free and open to the public and feature discussions on topics helpful to your little one’s discovery and development.  Led by one of our Montessori trained Infant & Toddler teachers, you will find the group in one of our beautifully decorated and roomy infant classrooms.  Visit the Pines’ calendar of events or Facebook page for more information about upcoming group dates.  Come along with your little one under 18 months for a time of exploration in our classroom with our Montessori certified teaching staff.

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When you arrive at Infant Connections, park in the lot beside the school.  Walk up along the front of the main building to the inside Peace Garden gate.  The gate will be open or unlocked for you to enter.  The Infant classroom is the third door on the right, directly across from the Peace Garden with benches and the enclosed Infant playground and pergola area.

Infant Connections Class Agenda
Last year's agenda included these classes:

Sing with me

A great way to build language is through songs, finger-plays, and reading, even with young infants. Songs can be sung throughout the day for fun and often, can help in difficult transitions. We will join together to sing some of the songs that are sung in the classroom and talk about the importance of language development.

Let's Get Moving

Debatably, one of the most important sensitive periods for a young infant is movement.  We will be discussing the relationship freedom of movement has to a child’s brain development.  There will be plenty of opportunities to move around the classroom with your little one and explore the environment in a way that they do.

Learn With Me

Infants absorb everything around them, especially language.  Come learn why we introduce our little ones to Spanish and Sign Language early on. 

Baby's 1st Foods

We will be discussing the when and how of introducing first foods or new foods to your infant. Our very own Chef Liz will be visiting us for this fun class. She will go over some healthy food choices and great tips on what to feed your budding foodie.

Laugh With Me

We will be discussing the importance of play for young infants.  Parents will get a chance to share with the group what makes their infant laugh and giggle.  There will be songs and materials for exploration that inspire play and laughter.

Read With Me

Building a love for reading can start early.  Join us for a night of sharing.  We will share some of our favorite books to read with young children and invite you to bring some of your child’s favorites.  Reading with a young child looks different than reading with an older child.  We will talk about that difference and also how important it is to label (with language) everything in an infant’s world.

Explore With Me

We will be covering one of the sensitive periods for this age: sensory perception.  We will discuss how infants experience the world through their senses.  We will be enjoying this class outside as we also talk about how beneficial outdoor exploration is to a child’s developing senses, even for the youngest infant.

Guest speaker – TBA

Splash with me

Come join the fun as we splash around in the infant playground.  There will be plenty of water activities so bring a towel and water diaper. We will also have a swim coach join us and share some tips on water safety.

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