Located in the Bear Branch Community

Located in the Bear Branch community of Kingwood, our campus rests on five acres alongside the Creekwood Nature Reserve. We are one street over from Tree Lane, and Kingwood High school is in walking distance just around the corner. Winding greenbelt paths lead you right to the school’s front door.

When you arrive at Pines you are greeted by covered walkways and gardens that line the paths to the classrooms. There are many trees along the perimeter and interior of the property providing scenic views. As such, we have many squirrels and birds that visit and run about. The buildings blend into the natural surroundings giving a peaceful feel. Come see for yourself! Schedule a visit with our Head of School today using the Contact Us button above.

Our History 45+ Years

  • Pines Montessori Founded - 1977

    Pines Montessori school opens with only Primary. We were first located at 3059 Woodland Hills Drive.

  • First Elementary Opens - 1979

    Our first Elementary community opens.

  • Pines Montessori Moves - 1983

    We moved to our current campus at 3535 Cedar Knolls Drive.

  • Pines Montessori Moves - 1984

    Our Elementary building was completed.

  • First Toddler Community - 1988

    We open our first Toddler Community.

  • Infinity Science Park - 2004

    Infinity Science Park is opened to our students.

  • Middle School Opens - 2012

    We open our Middle School.

  • Infant Community Opens - 2012

    We open our Infant Community.

  • New Upper Elementary Building - 2014

    Our new Upper Elementary Building arrives.

  • Pines Remodels - 2016

    We completely remodeled our Infant, Toddler, Primary Communities and our Front Office.

  • Purchase New Middle School Building - 2016

    Purchased the new Middle School Building for Remodel.

  • Middle School Grand Opening - 2018

    Middle School Students began the 2018-2019 school year in their new space.

  • Built our Commerical Kitchen-2019

    We created a space for our new, on-campus catered lunch.

  • Remodeled Lower Elementary- 2020

    We opened the classroom footprint to grow Lower El.

  • We built a Treetop Loft- 2022

    Our new multi-level loft gives us a birds-eye view of our backyard.

  • Expanded Lower Elementary again!- 2022

    We now have two Lower Elementary Communities.

  • Ribbon Cutting for our Culinary Teaching Classrooms- 2022

    We expanded our kitchen as well!

Our Faculty

We are committed to have certified Montessori teachers in all of our classrooms.

Our environment at Pines Montessori School is prepared for the child’s exploration and the teacher responds to the child’s interests and needs as she moves to higher levels of learning. The child responds to the order within the classroom and to the lack of restraints on academic pursuits. The child’s desire to learn is encouraged by his freedom of movement as he makes choices among all the materials and lessons with well-trained Montessori teachers guiding him along the way. At all levels the child experiences learning as a limitless opportunity.

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